Wedding & Engagement Photography

I shoot weddings and engagement shoots with a journalistic style, capturing shots as they happen, telling a story of that day, but poses can be quite fun and amazing! Many shots I get that happen at those random times can many times be so much more romantic and special than any posed shot.
I capture everything is RAW, high-quality image format which translates well for professional editing as well as printing, whether done by yourself or me.
You receive rights to all your images to share or print as you like. I typically have about a week or two turnaround time for getting the images to you. If you have any questions, shoot me a message!

Your Time

Let me know how much time you need for your day. If all day or multiple days, cool!

Print Quality Digital

I'll send you high quality, print-ready photos. If you need me for prints, I can do that too.


Videography is available. We can deploy pro cameras as well as GoPros, arial drones and more.

Additional Sessions

If you are in need of engagement photos as well, or by themselves, I am available. Let me know what you need.

Destination Weddings

Getting married out of state or out of the country? I am available!
Whether flying or driving, on road or off-road, I have the equipment and excitement to shoot your event! Feel free to send me your even info or ideas and I'll get back you with my thoughts on shooting and costs.

Single Wedding Portfolio

Continue on to view an example of a single wedding and the shots I tend to get. Each wedding is different, some prefer more or less poses than others. Location can also make a big difference in the style of shots captured.

Flexible Options

I am pretty flexible if need be. I realize some can only afford so much, while others might have a much larger budget. I can scale up or down as needed. For those weddings that might need more, I do have a second photographer that I bring along as well as a videographer if so desired.


Hourly Based

  • 1 or 2 Photographers
  • Hundreds Of Photos
  • Engagement Photos Optional
  • Rights To Your Photos
  • Digital Files Of Photos
  • Online Print Ordering Available
Travel Weddings

Hourly + Fees

  • 1 or 2 Photographers
  • All Day Availability
  • Engagement Photos Optional
  • Rights To Your Photos
  • Digital Files Photos
  • Online Print Ordering Available
  • Social Media Versions


Cost depends on time needed, equipment needed and location. If you are using our photography, we'll discount videography significantly as a package.

  • 1 or 2 Videographers
  • Edited With Music/Color
  • Movie Trailer For Social Media
  • Arial Drone Available

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